Classic New York Italian Chicken Parmigiana at Arthur & Sons
Arthur & Sons pays homage to the NYC Italian-American scene. Our culture is rooted in old school food, vibes & attitude, harkening back to the 90’s when everything in NY was just better than anywhere else!
Chef Joe Isidori dressing an heirloom tomato salad

New York City

New york Italian food is part of the rich fabric of this city. WE use only the best products to insure we are doing justice to the amazing red sauce joints that came before us.

Coconut Almond Tortoni with house-made almond ice cream
Chef Arthur Isidori cooking

Our Family

The Isidori Family has owned & operated restaurants in the NYC area since 1954. They represent 3 generations of Chefs & Restaurateurs. Their restaurants have spanned many New York City Boroughs to include Manhattan, Harlem, Brooklyn & The Bronx.

Shrimp Fra Diavolo
Classic rum punch at Arthur & Sons